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Homepage: interactive tutorial module
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While the newcomer homepage has a "tutorial" module, which just contains a link to a tutorial, and a "help module" that contains links to other help pages, one idea is to allow learning right on the homepage itself. Perhaps a module can contain short tutorial slides that the user can flip through or interact with on the homepage, without being directed to another page.

Event Timeline

Because the team is prioritizing "newcomer tasks" (T227728), this additional module would not be a priority until later in the year (if at all).

A user on enwiki recommended a module that would show a "tip of the day" or a "rule of the day" so that the homepage contains fresh learning content each time the user visits.

These tips should follow very precise guidelines, to avoid:

  • minor editing cases ("how to edit an article about Uzbek rugby"),
  • tips about edge cases ("you can custom Monobook, you know?")
  • outdated advice ("don't forget to leave a message on a given user's talk pages so that they are aware of this conversation" used to be true; "use [[user:Foo]] to ping Foo will soon be outdated with Reply tool's improvements and a direct access to pings),
  • very advanced advice (use {{button{{fullurl:Category:Bar|action=edit}}}} to create a button that edits Category:Bar's description)
  • partial information ("There is only True Way to edit the wikis: wikitext. Never click "edit", always use "edit source".)
  • no-context advice (Don't forget to activate Gadget:Baz in your preferences. It rocks!)

In short, guidelines should be about:

  • universal tips, that works all the time and across time
  • being short and concise
  • not topic related
  • linking to a clear help page