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Deploy Growth features to Basque Wikipedia
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In T223619, the Basque community completed the checklist for receiving Growth team features, which is our first non-target wiki. This designation as a non-target wiki has no consequences for our deployments -- we should deploy the same way we did for Arabic Wikipedia. This is the parent task for deploying the features to their wiki. It has child tasks for the four features that we'll be deploying:

  • EditorJourney
  • Welcome survey
  • Help panel
  • Newcomer homepage

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This is ready for development (along with its children).

we should deploy the same way we did for Arabic Wikipedia.

@MMiller_WMF to clarify, does this mean WelcomeSurvey should run as an A/B experiment for 50% of users, or should it go straight to 100% of new users?

Change 534789 had a related patch set uploaded (by Kosta Harlan; owner: Kosta Harlan):
[operations/mediawiki-config@master] WIP: Enable GrowthExperiments for euwiki

@kostajh -- the survey should run as an A/B test for Basque. But I haven't yet made the Phab task for welcome survey because Basque still has a couple things to translate before that's ready. I think we're only ready to go with EditorJourney for now, which is why T232061 is this task's only child task.

@MMiller_WMF got it, thanks. Should help panel and homepage enable percentage be set to 100%, or should those be A/B tested as well?

@MMiller_WMF is anything missing? We have translated everything, AFAIK. Next week we will start with students' activity and it would be great to have this deployed.

@Theklan -- thanks for staying on top of this. We have everything that we need, and Phabricator tasks are now created for all four features to be deployed. The next step is that we'll tell you approximately (at the week level) when we'll be ready to turn the features on, and then agree on specific dates with you so that you can communicate with your communities and let them know that questions from newcomers will start coming to your help desk and their talk pages.

Change 534789 abandoned by Kosta Harlan:
WIP: Enable GrowthExperiments for euwiki

Created separated patches for welcome survey, help panel and homepage

I will move this to the Epics Column based on our agreement in Monday's standup.

@MMiller_WMF @Trizek-WMF I was reviewing currently opened deployment tasks. Is there anything else to do here?

AFACT, nothing remains to be done. @MMiller_WMF, I let you check and resolve it.