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Provide best practices concerning writing help pages on wikis
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The newcomer tasks flow asks users to open an article and then to complete an edit. This requires good help contents.

This task is about writing best practices for communities, so that they can improve their help contents.

These best practices should be separated as it follows, so that communities can focus on each step without the need of rely on dependencies, like technical issues:

  • writing the content itself
  • structuring the contents
  • improving the design for contents (may require additional CSS/JS)

This work is based on T238784: Make a comparative review of help contents. The help page is

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It is possible to have nice things that I would have thought impossible to have, like:

Solved for tabs!

I'll explore feedback loops for Help when I'm back.

Trizek-WMF lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.Mar 4 2020, 7:39 PM

Lowering priority since Marshall is taking time to have a look at the current work. Blockers have been listed on T240233: Apply best practices to a subset of pages on Growth target wikis.

Trizek-WMF changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Apr 20 2020, 2:53 PM

This task is waiting for review. Stalled until further notice.

Removing myself from this task, since we don't have plans for it in the near term future.

This task is waiting for review. Stalled until further notice.

@Trizek-WMF: Who exactly to provide review?

@Trizek-WMF: Who exactly to provide review?

In theory, @MMiller_WMF was supposed to review and comment the work already done. But we have changed our plans since. Hence the current stalled status.

@Trizek-WMF: Hmm, stalled means "If a report is waiting for further input (e.g. from its reporter or a third party) and can currently not be acted on". So this task should be updated to cover the "changed plans" but not be stalled, I'd say. (Or it should be declined if it does not make sense anymore.)

Mmmmh... The task actually waits for further input, and I think the
definition of "stalled" fully applies here. but to be realistic, we should
just decline it. I'm waiting for Marshall's thoughts here before taking any

Aklapper changed the task status from Stalled to Open.Nov 23 2020, 12:38 PM
Aklapper assigned this task to MMiller_WMF.

Thanks for the explanation. If one person is supposed to act on this ticket and is not blocked on another specific task or some upstream project, then I'm going to boldly set as task assignee and reset task status. (Feel free to reassign after taking action here.)

@MMiller_WMF: Removing task assignee as this open task has been assigned for more than two years - See the email sent to task assignee on Feburary 22nd, 2023.
Please assign this task to yourself again if you still realistically [plan to] work on this task - it would be welcome! :)
If this task has been resolved in the meantime, or should not be worked on by anybody ("declined"), please update its task status via "Add Action… 🡒 Change Status".
Also see for tips how to best manage your individual work in Phabricator. Thanks!