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Announce Reply Tool is available as Beta Feature at Phase 1 wikis
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This task is about making volunteers at the Phase 1 wikis aware the Reply Tool is available as a Beta Feature.

Note: The work to make the Reply Tool available as a Beta Feature at these wikis will happen in T259574.

Announcement contents

This section contains the information we would like to communicate to volunteers at the Phase 1 wikis:

  • The Reply Tool is available as a Beta Feature
  • The steps people will need to take to turn it on
  • The goal of this part of the deployment process is is to make sure the Reply Tool is working for their language and for their wiki
  • We are interested in all of the feedback they have to share and we are specifically interested in knowing about cases where the following conditions are met:
    • The Reply Tool creates a diff that does NOT look as you expected it to
    • The Reply Tool cannot be used to reply to a comment
    • The Reply Tool is not showing up on discussion page

Phase 1 wikis

WikipediaLanguage code
Sorani Kurdishckb


  • Announcements containing the information listed in the "Announcement contents" section above is posted to each of the Phase 1 wikis