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Allow configurable default expiry time etc.
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German WP users seem to be quite happy with this feature. However, three suggestions came up:

  1. Provide a Special:Preferences field for a particular default span. Rather than infinit it might be wanted to ask for 1week if somebody is making almost only maintenance edits, and wants articles to vanish if nobody argued within one week. Then it could be avoided to open the fly-out and choose an option with every edit.
  2. Provide Special:Preferences switch if new switch shall not appear (may be solved by personal CSS display:none for more experienced users as first aid). Might be -1 in suggestion #1.
  3. Provide customized periods; either by editing arbitrary number of days and requesting 40 days in suggestion #1, or extend drop box by input field for number of days.

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@PerfektesChaos Thank you for filing this task! We are also very happy to read that German WP is generally pleased with the feature.

One question: For point #2, I'm not sure if I understand. Do you mean a preference to hide the new pop-up & display the old one, as we have discussed in T249259#6562737?

Overall, these are great suggestions, and they echo what we have heard from other people (i.e., an interest in more customization available via Preferences). While there are hacky solutions for some of these requests (such as, for point #3, choosing a custom number of watch days in the API Sandbox), none are actual user preferences. We probably do not have the resources or capacity to do this work now, but there may be opportunities for our team, another team, or volunteer developers to do such work in the future. In the meantime, we'll keep monitoring the feedback as we begin enabling the feature on more wikis. We'll also keep this ticket open, in case there is capacity for someone or a team to do such work in the future.

Thank you, and I look forward to your response regarding point #2!

On #2: Yes, somebody complained they were confused by the new widget and won’t use it ever. But they want to clean up the writing desk and do not want to change habits.

  • It is not worth to introduce a preference on its own, but might be triggered by negative number of days.
  • 0 does usually mean infinit or maximum or default.

For future developers I leave a Use Case:

  • I am maintaining pages, but I am mostly not deeper involved.
  • If nobody complains I want to get rid of that stuff.
  • If somebody else is changing my operations I would like to watch this.
  • After some days that page shall vanish from my watchlist.
  • If I publish an edit and
    • the page has not been on my watchlist it shall be watched for my preferenced expiry period without touching the selection box,
    • otherwise the watchlist state should remain unchanged and/or the selection box should offer the individual state for this page.
    • I might want to select an individual option from the box at any time.
    • In Special:Preferences I want to set default behaviour to 11 days which defaults to infinit.

Just want to complete #1: it would be nice to complete the following settings in “Watched pages” section with “for +duration drop-down”.

Meanwhile I discovered that apparently there is no memory?

  • If I select a particular duration and ask for diff or preview during edit, it falls back to eternity. Seems to require to set interval on final Publish only.

A URL parameter would be nice, like &watchperiod= on action=edit.

If I select a particular duration and ask for diff or preview during edit, it falls back to eternity. Seems to require to set interval on final only.

That sounds like a bug! When previewing or viewing changes, the dropdown should remember whatever new value you've set it to. Is that not what you're seeing?

I return to initial state, usually eternity.

Apparently depending on browser.

  • Firefox works as expected.
  • IE10 has no memory.

I do use old browsers frequently to observe how things are working for people with not most recent equipment.

The wpWatchlistExpiry is bound to <select> but no <option> is present, since unspecific OOUI is used. When marshalling form input into HTTP POST, older systems may rely on traditional elements. Maybe a strategic OOUI problem, but a replacement by vue is envisoned anyway.

Personally I do not use this feature, since I have other (own) tools for dropping watched pages after a while. I just happened to observe this issue when I played to learn about new methodology.

Thanks for reporting this issue, @PerfektesChaos! When I tested on Brave/Chrome and Firefox, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue. However, as you report, it may be appearing on certain browsers, especially older browsers. I have created a separate ticket (T270197), so this issue can be tracked. Since it doesn't seem to happen on updated browsers, it's probably lower priority for us to fix now, but it's good for us to know & perhaps our team or a volunteer developer can fix it in the future. Thanks!