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Review draft Content Translation schema from engineering perspective
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Now that the draft Content Translation schema has been developed, it needs to be reviewed by an engineer on the language team. The engineer should:

  • Look for anything that will be difficult or infeasible to implement, or would be easier to implement in a different form
  • Flag anything in the choice, naming, or description of events that seems mistaken or incomplete (remember that the schema was developed by a data scientist who is not an expert on the functionality of ContentTranslation!)
  • Ensure that they understand the intention of the schema well enough to implement the instrumentation code
  • Answer any specific questions flagged for engineering ("ENG")
  • Check for anything mistaken or incomplete in the diagram of event flows

Event Timeline

We're putting this on hold until section translation is released to the first wiki (T271397).

I discussed the schema some time ago with @ngkountas and @santhosh. They gave me some helpful suggestions and said it looked good otherwise. I've just finished adjusting the draft to incorporate their suggestions.