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Add a link: prompt to switch editing mode (nice to have)
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NOTE: this task is not required for the release of "add a link", but would be nice to have.

With the work in T269638: Add a link: Suggestions mode, we will be disabling the editing surface so that the only thing users can do is add links. We think it's possible that some mobile users may try to make other kinds of edits, like copyedits, by tapping on the screen. If they get frustrated that they can't tap in to activate the editing surface, they may tap multiple times.

The idea here is that if we detect the user has tapped multiple times on the editing surface, then we show them a dialog that prompts them to switch editing modes.

  • We do this if the user taps on the editing surface four times in that "AI mode" session. Taps onto the link suggestions themselves don't count.
  • We show a dialog:
    • Has an "X" to close it.
    • Header: "Want to make a different kind of edit?"
    • Body: "In AI suggestions mode, you can only make certain kinds of edits. You can switch editing modes to edit the article freely. Select the [pencil icon] to switch."
    • One button: "Got it." This button closes the dialog.

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@MMiller_WMF sometime this week or next could you add specifications here please?

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@RHo -- could you please vet this task description? You and I haven't really discussed this.

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