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Implement a way to roll the notification out gradually based on global edit count
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TheWikipediaLibrary notification will be going out to an estimated 20,000-30,000 editors when first deployed. Rather than notify all these editors simultaneously, potentially overwhelming the Library Card platform as a result, we want to roll it out in stages to different groups of users.

We discussed in T269849#6728833 (and onwards) that a strategy based on total edit count is likely to be easiest to implement. The threshold can be lowered over time manually via config change deployments.

Based on the English Wikipedia editor breakdown, we expect an edit count-based rollout to approximately break down as follows:

Edit countCumulative total
> 10k edits13%
> 4k edits32%
> 1k edits63%
> 500 edits100%

This allows us to start small, with just over 10% of eligible editors, and monitor for issues as we ramp up over time.

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Samwalton9 triaged this task as Medium priority.Jan 13 2021, 1:35 PM

Per some comments I've seen elsewhere, this may actually not require any further development work besides changing the initial edit count threshold. Would like an engineer to confirm.

Samwalton9 removed a project: Growth-Team.

It occurred to me that we can request support from Product Analytics to get more accurate data for this. I filed T271962.

If one with 10k edits gets the notification and goes to the local community board to ask about it, readers with the same number of edits who didn't got the notification (yet) may wonder why.

I recomand that you inform communities ahead that users will progressively get access to the Wikipedia library, to avoid service breaking down (using User-notice with local messages on the biggest wikis). And reassure them: it is not a first-served platform, with limited access to the resources.

Good point, thanks @Trizek-WMF :)

How do you think we could best notify communities about this? Since this is a one-time notification it seems challenging to notify everyone about the notification :)

Consider using User-notice, coupled with local messages on the biggest wikis (at Village pumps). Feel free to ask for CommRel assistance.

  • Once we have the data and a rollout plan we should ask another team to sanity check whether this is a sensible plan
  • We also need to check on the process(es) for updating these config variables post-deployment.
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We confirmed at today's engineering meeting that this is already possible via config updates - everything is there to make changes to these numbers, we just need to decide what the brackets are.