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Enable interlanguage links from multilingual Wikisource to other Wikisources
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It seems that no one asked for interlanguage links in T138332, even though it’s one of the main reasons to have Wikidata connection. Please display interlanguage links based on Wikisource sitelinks on multilingual Wikisource (i.e. the English interlanguage link on multilingual Wikisource should point to enwikisource, the German interlanguage link on multilingual Wikisource should point to dewikisource, and so on).

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I can look into this. So as I understand it if a page like wikisource:Category:Jv_Basa_Jawa_(Javanese) is connected to d:Q8564118 which also have sitelinks to enwikisource and idwikisource pages, than those 2 should show up as interwiki links on wikisource:Category:Jv_Basa_Jawa_(Javanese).

Commons uses Module:Interwiki for that but that code can only link to wikipedias and does a lot of following properties like 'P301' ( "category's main topic") and 'P460' ( "said to be the same as"), which might not be needed here.

Does multilingual wikisource have pages in several languages which should point to a single wikidata item? if so how ifs it handled?

Generally they probably should not have such pages:

  • in the main namespace, each page that should be linked to Wikidata constitutes a separate edition. They should be linked in Wikidata using
  • in the Author namespace it is possible that there are few Author pages providing the Author name in various languages but this should be resolved internally by creating a multilingual author page in such cases and I do not think we should care of this problem

@Jarekt Multilingual Wikisource also has a Module:Interwiki, which can show interlanguage links based on Wikidata. It works well (although it requires the Qid to be passed manually, but it could be easily rewritten to fall back to the connected Wikidata item), but we’d like to have a native solution, like how c:Category:Javanese language links to w:en:Category:Javanese language when it’s not overridden by the infobox.

@Tacsipacsi Yes your Module:Interwiki relying on connected Wikidata item, is what I had in mind. That is how it is done on Commons with associated template Template:Interwiki_from_Wikidata added to Template:Wikidata_Infobox (with 3M category transclusions) and many other templates.

However if I understand it right you would like this to be hardwired in wikimedia code instead of added by templates?

Yes, I want to have it hardwired, just like how it’s hardwired for all other Wikimedia wikis that are Wikidata clients.

There’s no overwhelming flood of comments, but all three commenters supported this change, and the Scriptorium section has been open for more than three weeks now, so everyone had the chance to express their opinion. Can we now move forward and enable the interlanguage links?

Implementing this is not impossible nor that hard but still has to go through process of prioritization. I add @Lydia_Pintscher who owns that. I want to point out by fixing it, we can also remove the hack from commons as well.

Good from my side, yes. Should this be a separate ticket or part of this one?