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Brazilian donors seeing odd donation form
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A number of Brazilian donors have reported seeing a strange version of the donation form and not knowing what to enter in the fields. We have been unable to replicate, but they report seeing "donate_interface-error-msg-fiscal_number-br" and one (943548) shared this image:

Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 18.31.28.png (858×946 px, 141 KB)

Other examples: 943313 / 943391 / 943301 (there are more, let us know if you need more).

So far no browser info, and it's clearly not affecting all Brazilian donors, but there are enough to indicate something is up.

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Weird, it looks like they may have gotten a form using the special diagnostic language code 'qqx'. Here's how the main page of wikipedia looks with qqx:

@Pcoombe could there be some debug code in a banner that escaped into the wild?

@Ejegg They are all replying to the Brazilian fundraising email send that went out today, not coming from the banners.

Could one of the links in the email be off?

definitely worth asking what link they followed to get that form!

ZD strips the responses of the links so we can't see them all, but these are the links from 943543 - does one of them look off?


@krobinson nope, those all look fine. @Pcoombe there's no chance donatewiki could be swapping uselang=pt-br to qqx when passing donors on to payments, is there?

Adding the email team who might be able to share the original links.
@nisrael @MNoorWMF @KHaggard any ideas?

Can we see what email links were sent to CID 21078369 / CID 22433875 / CID 22454030 / CID 21127028


original links are as follows (separated it to easily see the parameters):

however, i do see an errant %% after pt-br in some of the URLs for the buttons: "&uselang=pt-br%%&contact_id=%%ContactID%%" --would this have caused the error?

It looks like the %% are breaking the links and automatically sending donors to the English-language donatewiki page. @krobinson how many tickets with this type of feedback were received?

Confirmed that going to the malformed shows English on donatewiki, but then gets changed to uselang=qqx on clicking through to payments. qqx is a special diagnostic language code that results in showing the message names instead of the actual messages.

Fix is to avoid malformed uselang parameters :) However I'm definitely curious why this goes to qqx instead of just falling back to English on payments, will take a look if that's something on the donatewiki side.

Pcoombe claimed this task.

So for some reason if the uselang parameter has a % sign in, then wgUserLanguage is set to qqx, and that's what donatewiki was passing to payments.

I changed donatewiki to use wgPageContentLanguage instead, which does just contain whatever was actually in the URL. So in this case pt-br%%, which is still malformed, but at least it falls back to actually displaying English content on payments. Was able to successfully make a donation starting from uselang=pt-br%%.

The one remaining issue was the thank you page not existing with that language, but now I've added some simple javascript that redirects any non-existing thank you pages to the English one.

Thank you for finding the workaround @Pcoombe

Can we see how many donors this affected? We are tracking mentions of this with a tag and want to establish baselines for how many reach out to us vs how many affected overall. Total who got the link, total who tried to use one of the buttons that was affected and aborted, total who tried to use one of the buttons and succeeded would be helpful. Thanks!

I don't know how many got the link, that info would have to come from the email team.

By my count there were 3000 clicks through to payments wiki with language qqx yesterday, and 1501 of them completed donations (but would have seen an empty thank you page)