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Create deployment plan for scaling New Discussion Tool as opt-out at all projects
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This task represents the work with developing the plan for scaling the New Discussion Tool as an opt-out setting at all projects.

Deployment phases

Below are the phases in which we *plan* to offer the New Discussion Tool as an opt-out feature at all projects. As with all deployments, this plan could change depending on what emerges in the conversations with volunteers at these projects.

Phase 1Wikipedias: Arabic and Czech (T280390)
Phase 2Wikipedias that participated in the A/B test (list in T281533) except French
Phase 3Remaining small-to-medium Wikipedias, plus all single-language non-Wikipedias (e.g., the Wikiquotes and Wikivoyages) – not enwiki, frwiki, dewiki, ruwiki
Phase 4All multi-lingual projects (e.g., Commons and Wikidata). (Result: all WMF-hosted wikis except enwiki, frwiki, dewiki, ruwiki
Phase 5English, French, German, and Russian Wikipedias (Result: all WMF-hosted wikis)


  • Before the New Discussion Tool can be offered as an opt-out setting at a project, the Reply Tool must first be made available as an opt-out setting.


  • This should generally happen two or three weeks after the Reply tool is made available as an opt-out setting at that wiki.
    • One purpose for this sequence is to allow editors additional time to report problems. If problems are reported, then the PM can delay the deployment for any affected wikis.


  • In Tech/News before Phase 3
  • Messages need to include a link [[Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-editing-discussion]]
  • Additional message to largest wikis, either sometime in the days before, or immediately after, the deployment happens


  • A plan is documented on this ticket that lists all Wikimedia wikis in a phased deployment sequence