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Deploy Growth features on Chinese Wikipedia
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NOTE: The configuration for the Growth features will be on wiki at Special:EditGrowthConfig.

The deployment to this wiki requires the activation of the visual editor for all new accounts.

General translations

  • Translate the interface (on, needs a specific account)
  • Translate aliases (done there in zh-cn):
    • Special:WelcomeSurvey -> Special:欢迎调查
    • Special:Homepage -> Special:主页
    • Special:Impact -> Special:影响
    • Special:ClaimMentee -> Special:声明新用户

Help panel

Labels translations may require some work to be adapted to zh-hans and zh-hant.

TaskLabelTranslation of the label (zh-cn)
Manual of styleHow to write a good article如何写一篇好文章
Help:EditingHow to edit a page如何编辑页面
Inserting images (using the visual editor)How to insert images如何插入图像
Inserting references (using the visual editor)How to insert references如何插入引用
Article WizardHow to create an article如何创建文章

Mentorship module (optional)

  1. Encourage community members to become mentors (can be done later). If done:
  2. The signature list has been formatted like it should be.
  3. Add the signature list to Q14339834.

Suggested edits

Templates and help pages are listed on wiki, at Special:EditGrowthConfig.

Anything else?

Do you have any particular information or configuration that we should be aware of (like you have a special in-person mentoring program, or your wiki uses FlaggedRevisions...):

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It was decided by the Growth-Team to stall the deployment until VisualEditor comes out of beta, as enabling it unilaterally could have unexpected impacts on the community. Unassigning and moving off sprint.

as enabling it unilaterally could have unexpected impacts on the community

Can someone explain about it more?

as enabling it unilaterally could have unexpected impacts on the community

Can someone explain about it more?

Certainly! Sorry for confusing you. Unilateral decisions made by the Wikimedia Foundation (ie. without community agreeing to it) often cause community-crisis, which is something we really don't want to do. Having visual editor enabled for everyone is a requirement to get Growth features deployed to a wiki. Since Chinese Wikipedia currently has visual editor only as a beta feature, the deployment of Growth features cannot happen now.

For that reason, we decided to stall this deployment until visual editor is promoted out of beta at Chinese Wikipedia, as turning it on without Chinese Wikipedia community consensus could cause a crisis. "enabling it unilaterally could have unexpected impacts on the community" was an euphemism to say that.

If Chinese Wikipedia wishes to enable visual editor for everyone, that'd be great, and it would allow this task to go forward.

Does that make sense?

Thanks for your explanation. Fully understand.