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Remove pushpin markers in Kartographer maps for geoline and geoshape objects
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Since a few days, on Kartographer maps pushpin markers are shown in case of geoline and geoshape objects. Pushpin markers should be shown only for single coordinates. The markers were placed by a Javascript script.

List of steps to reproduce (step by step, including full links if applicable):

What happens?:

  • There is a grey and unnumbered pushpin marker above the word "Ägypten" which belongs to the country's border line (a geoshape object). The is a similar behavior in case of geoline objects (for instance on public transport lines).

What should have happened instead?:

  • No pushpin marker should be shown (the behavior as in the past five years).

Software version (if not a Wikimedia wiki), browser information, screenshots, other information, etc:

  • Firefox 92.0.1

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It seems to me that markers actually aren't included for geoshape objects (polygons). If I change "geoline" to "geoshape" in page preview of given example, then the unwanted marker goes away. In given example polygon representation (using transparent fill if necessary) also seems more adequate as referenced OSM object is for an area, not only its boundary.

But elsewhere where line representation is appropriate and OSM relation in addition to member ways has member nodes, it'd probably be better to omit these nodes indeed. With nodes the selection of data is less flexible and also we can't set what exactly these nodes stand for. I assume member nodes are currently included due to updated imposm mapping, see T288400.

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This shows that the geoline service returns these points. It seems to be the location of the label, and the location of the capital of the country/region...
If this is new then it's definitely a Karthoterian issue, not the Kartographer side.

K. it might be new... but i do note that OSM itself also shows this geometry with two points. So the data is probably correct, but it might be that we filtered this out in the past etc etc. Hard to say.

I found the bug described for geoline objects, too. See for instance: . The map shows several subway lines of Vienna whereas the stations ar marked with a pushpin marker.

If you call to get the geoline object of U2 subway you will detect a lot of point objects which should not be part of a line. You can see from the GeoJSON array returned:

points-in-geolines.jpg (742×668 px, 35 KB)

I think the problem can be solved by removing the point features and keeping the Linestring or similar objects.

By the way, the pushpin markers are not only needless and cover the geoshape of interest. The authors have no mean to modify the pushpin (colors, sizes etc).

I agree that it is suboptimal. On the other hand, it is data which is in the OSM database, I don't think it is unreasonable to have the geoshape service return it too.. Maybe we should filter them out when rendering ?

It's hard to decide without more people weighing in :(

Those pushpins should definitely be filtered out. I haven't seen a single dynamic map where those pins provide any added value. They only clutter the map.