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+2 in mediawiki/ for Zabe
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Nov 22 2021, 6:07 AM
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I would like to nominate @Zabe for +2 rights in mediawiki/*. They've been contributing just about everywhere, from cleanup to configuration changes and remediating train blockers (received thank yous in the 1.38.0-wmf.1, wmf.2, wmf.3, wmf.4, and wmf.6 train summary emails, plus plenty of 1.37 trains too).

I think giving Zabe +2 rights would be beneficial and look forward to even more contributions from them :)

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As long as @Zabe themselves agrees, I'm all for.

Kizule rescinded a token.
Kizule awarded a token.

Thanks for the kind words Legoktm. :)

As long as @Zabe themselves agrees, I'm all for.

I accept the nomination.

FYI: I intend to leave this request open until at least Wednesday, to make up for the two days last week that were a US holiday.

Legoktm claimed this task.

Done, congrats!

Thank you everyone :)