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[DO NOT USE] SSL related (tracking) [superseded by #HTTPS]
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Tracking for secure server issues.

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Should this be resolved now that the secure server is deprecated, everything turned into redirects to the proper domains, etc.?

"secure server issues" description is vague (in case that it was meant to only refer to https://secure.*), so this report now also has issues about SSL and https:// on *any* servers.

p858snake: Please clarify.

Yes, Previously it was based on the "secure" cluster before it was deprecated and replaced with the current setup, But based on the current list of open depends it's quiet clear that this bug has easily evolved it self to handle the current system.

I'm not sure why anyone would consider closing a tracking bug with approx. 10 open bugs attached

(In reply to comment #3)

I'm not sure why anyone would consider closing a tracking bug with approx. 10
open bugs attached

We have an "SSL related" component which I think is better than a tracking bug.

(In reply to comment #4)

(In reply to comment #3)

I'm not sure why anyone would consider closing a tracking bug with approx. 10
open bugs attached

We have an "SSL related" component which I think is better than a tracking

Which, If you have looked they aren't all in.

Bug 33890 comment 26 has some medium-term information by Faidon ("There is going to be most likely a quarterly SSL/SPDY goal").

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resolving this in favor of HTTPS

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