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Evaluate and improve the accessibility of the Overflow menu
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The Overflow menu is an Advanced Mobile Contributions feature for mobile web (T224735). Turning on AMC is the only way users can access this menu on non-user pages (user pages have the menu since T232653). It features elements including Delete, Protect, and Move which we think should be available to more editors.

This task tracks the Moderator-Tools-Team's work to evaluate and improve the accessibility of this menu.

Event Timeline

Taking into account our team's current capabilities, we've determined this to be the highest impact mobile web feature to start working on.

We ran some user testing with non-Wikipedia-editors and found that the addition of the overflow menu did not cause any confusion or frustration as new users attempted to make an edit.

  • Users were usually able to identify the icons along the top of the article with relatively high accuracy, and either didn't comment on the overflow menu, or identified it as 'extra' functionality which they didn't need right now.
    • The item which users most often got wrong was the History link, which some users described as "read later" or "refresh"
  • Users who were less sure what the three dots did tended to click it, see that it was a menu of additional options, and then click away again.
  • Of users who opened the menu, there tended to be some confusion about what the links there were going to do, but the inclusion of the menu didn't in itself cause any confusion, and users disregarded the menu rather than attempt to navigate through to the pages.
  • All users found the edit button with no additional confusion or distraction by the overflow menu.

As such, pending the subtasks of this one, we feel confident about making this menu visible to all logged-in editors.