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Build sender workflow for shareable reading lists
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The Android team is working on allowing reading lists to be shared. Details can be found in T313269 and T316822. In order to achieve this goal, the concept of sending a reading lists needs to be built in the app.

Must Haves (Technical Details)
  • Follow steps detailed in T316822 section 4 for the diagram that starts with specific reading list view in workflow diagram one, and consult new wireframes provided by @scblr
  • Feature should be feature flagged so that it can be rolled out to specific users at a time
  • Reading list articles should be sent in alphabetical order
User Stories
  • As a Wikipedia Android app user and student in Morocco, I want to export my reading lists, so that I can use it at the Mohammed V University school library
  • As a Wikipedia Android app user in Ghana, I want to share my reading list with a family member in the US that has an iOS device, so they can read the articles I've saved about Accra ahead of their trip home in December.
  • As a Wikipedia Android app user organizer in South Asia, I want to share reading list via Whatsapp after an event, so people that have attended know which articles are in need of contributions
Design (Figma)
List detailSees tooltipTaps shareSends list
reading-list-sending-01.png (720×360 px, 236 KB)
reading-list-sending-02.png (720×360 px, 232 KB)
reading-list-sending-03.png (720×360 px, 173 KB)
reading-list-sending-04.png (720×360 px, 60 KB)

👉 Check out T316834 for the Receive workflow

Event Timeline

Do we need a task for when to show the survey after it is sent?

I addressed all remaining issues in T316834#8420377 (moving it to “Did not pass Design“ as well to avoid QA looking at this separately)