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Update Campaigns Team-owned products that may be affected by IP Masking
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  • 2023-03-06: Campaigns met with Anti-Harassment Tools (notes). Summary:
    • AHT is rolling out IP masking to pilot wikis in Q2 - asking all teams to identify and make necessary fixes by end of Q1 (September 2023).
    • Campaigns only wants registered users to be able to register for an event. We should consider adding checks because a temporary/IP user will look just like a logged-in user.
    • We don't think IP masking will affect the organizer side - in order to enable registration organizers must be 1) logged-in; 2) a member of the campaignevents-beta-tester user group.
    • To see what it looks like, go to and do an edit as a logged-out user.
    • To test locally, set this config:$wgAutoCreateTempUser['enabled'] = true

IP Masking will affect lots of our products, features, tools, gadgets, etc. This task is for tracking work to update those that are owned by Campaign-Tools, ahead of IP Masking being enabled on WMF sites.

See T326816: Update features for temporary accounts, particularly What will be affected.

A preliminary investigation (T326759) has found that the following may be affected:

  • CampaignEvents

For WMF staff, see also:

Acceptance criteria:

  • Investigate whether or not checks are needed to ensure that only registered users are able to register for events, and temporary/IP users are NOT able to register for events
  • If needed, implement the checks


Event Timeline

Thanks so much for filing this, @Tchanders - the Campaigns team will review/discuss next week, then I'll work with @ARamirez_WMF to set up some consultation time with Anti-Harassment Tools.

ldelench_wmf triaged this task as High priority.

Hey @Tchanders, the Campaigns team discussed this and we have a few updates:

  • The Campaigns extension is not owned or maintained by us.
    • The developers/maintainers list indicates it is unassigned.
    • In looking through the commit history, it appears the last commit made by a person (as opposed to something automated) was done by @Reedy - do you know who might be the logical person to support the Campaigns extension's updates related to IP masking?
  • We will set up a meeting with you to talk through required updates for the CampaignEvents extension. Thanks!

@ldelench_wmf Thanks! I took the liberty of assigning this to Campaigns despite the dev/maintainers list, but looks like my assumption was wrong.

Do you know is it was ever owned by you or the Foundation? Is it at all similar to the CampaignEvents extension? I'm asking because I'm wondering whether you might have an idea of whether it can be at least sunsetted or un-deployed from WMF production.

Flagging for @SCherukuwada in case he has any ideas.

Otherwise, I can make a separate task for this, like for the other non-WMF products.

Hey @Tchanders, the Campaigns extension was never owned by the Campaigns team, and I'm not sure if it was once owned by a WMF team. The CampaignEvents extension is entirely separate and does not depend on the Campaigns extension as far as I know.

The Growth team may have insight here, as @ifried shared this example - back when we were exploring login flows - which appears to be some kind of tracking mechanism for tying account creation to a specific campaign: But I am out of my depth here. :)

ldelench_wmf set Due Date to Sep 9 2023, 4:00 AM.
ldelench_wmf lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.
ldelench_wmf added a project: CampaignEvents.

Next steps: Campaigns to discuss at 2023-03-23 sprint planning

Change 927652 had a related patch set uploaded (by Daimona Eaytoy; author: Daimona Eaytoy):

[mediawiki/extensions/CampaignEvents@master] Add support for temporary users

Change 927652 merged by jenkins-bot:

[mediawiki/extensions/CampaignEvents@master] Add support for temporary users

I think the QA process for this task should be to test all the features provided by the extension on a wiki where temp users are enabled and verify that:

  • Nothing has changed for named (i.e., registered and non-temp) users
  • Temp users are treated the same as anons
  • Nothing changed for anons
vaughnwalters subscribed.

I tested the event page and each of the seven campaign event special pages on[[ | de betacluster ]] for anon user, temp user, registered user (participant), and registered user (organizer), and everything is working as I expected.
✅ Nothing has changed for named (i.e., registered and non-temp) users
✅ Temp users are treated the same as anons
✅ Nothing changed for anons

Sending to product sign off.