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Re-implement uniqueness constraint in a consistent and efficient way
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At present, we have several kinds of uniqueness constraints:

  1. a property's label must be unique (per language, among properties)
  1. an item's combination of label and description must be unique (per language, among items, if a description is given)
  1. an item's sitelink must be unique (per target wiki).

Each of these is implemented separately; some are checked on every save, some are checked only on creation and modification of the respective part of the entity. Some checks are expensive or awkward (the label+description uniqueness requires a self-join on a big table with a very complex condition).

Proposed solution:

  • We add a "fingerprint" table, with two columns: fp_entity and fp_identity. fp_entity holds the id of the entity that fingerprint belongs to, fp_identity holds the fingerprint (as a string, which may be a hash). There's a composite unique key over both columns, and a separate index on the fb_identity column.
  • To check for conflicts, we compute all fingerprints of the candidate, and check if we find any of them in the database. If so, there is a conflict.
  • Fingerprints can be computed as sensitive or insensitive as we like (by e.g. converting to lower case or stripping whitespace before hashing)
  • as an added bonus, we can look up any entity by a fingerprint (e.g. items by sitelink or properties by label) without touching the terms table.

Example fingerprints for the three use cases mentioned above:

  1. property label: $fp_fingerprint = "label:{$language}:{$hashOfLabel}";
  1. item label+description: $fp_fingerprint = "label+desc:{$language}:{$hashOfLabelAndDescription}";

// Note: if there is no description in that language, no fingerprint is generated for that language

  1. item sitelinks: $fp_fingerprint = "sitelink:{$site}:{$hashOfPageTitle}";



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daniel created this task.Oct 23 2014, 4:21 PM

Addendum: for selectively updating specific fingerprints of a given entity, e.g. all sitelinks, or the label+desc fingerprint in french, a prefix search on fp_identity can be used.

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On further though, the table should have three columns:

  • fp_entity -- the entity
  • fp_name -- identity name (e.g. "item-sitelink-enwiki" or "item-label-description-de")
  • fp_identity -- value or hash that is supposed to be unique over fp_name

Indxes should exist for (fp_name, fp_identity) and (fp_entity, fp_name).
We may also want a row_id field.

Calling this fingerprint is confusing, since we already use that word for a different concept. (Do point out how evil this is.)

I like the general idea proposed here.

Instead of "fingerprint", we could call it "unique feature".

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Instead of "fingerprint", we could call it "unique feature".

Sounds sane.

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at some point "unique" was changed to "distinct" on Wikidata constraints.