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Insert/Template inspector should put focus on input text_field when invoked but no longer does
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Seen in Firefox and Chrome:

Edit any page in VE, e.g.

Click Insert/Template

The input text field briefly shows a cursor and a blue bar indicating that the element has focus, but then the focus disappears. User should be able to type directly into text field without needing to click the text field element first, but no longer can.

This is the failure at

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This no longer happens

Still happening for me - Mac - betalabs FF, Chrome and Windows7 IE.

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Change 186505 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mooeypoo):
Focus the add template input in the template dialog


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Change 186505 merged by jenkins-bot:
Focus the add template input in the template dialog

Fixed/checked in beta.

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On Firefox 35 Mac, I am editing Wikipedia with the Visual Editor.

By habit, I type "{{cit". This brings a dialog for choosing a template with one field for typing the name. But the "cit" went nowhere. And typing the name does nothing. I have to click in the field first. It would be nice to have the focus in the field. Thus, when we type, by habit, "{{cit", the characters "cit" would go in the field for the template name.

Thank you.