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Get rid of Special:UserProfile
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Special:UserProfile in MobileFrontend does not seem to offer clear advantages over either an editor's own user page or their contribution history. Until there is a better / more useful implementation, it should probably just be removed.

Links to some community discussions: Lilas Talk page or the German Kurier.

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T85929: [EPIC] Kill SpecialUserProfile or Move MobileFrontend extension's Special:UserProfile.php and related code to a separate MediaWiki extension
T90801: Remove last edited pageimage from Special:Userprofile

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Where can I vote to either kill this dumb-ass idea or -- at the very least -- vote for the ability to opt out of it?

Eh, I think you've poisoned the well here with comments like "dumb-ass idea." I think everyone agrees that Special:UserProfile is currently a pretty weak implementation, but you shouldn't be hostile about it. The answer is to either kill SpecialUserProfile.php or move it into a separate extension. I'll discuss that at T85929.

Change 194451 had a related patch set uploaded (by Legoktm):
Remove Special:UserProfile functionality

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