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RfC: AuthManager
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Discuss and decide on AuthManager RfC

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@daniel We would like to request an IRC discussion of this RfC at the earliest convenience of the committee

Action items from the IRC meeting:

  • SMalyshev is concerned about lack of model/controller split (TimStarling, 21:32:16)
  • several people would like to see interface definitions (TimStarling, 21:32:34)
  • no serious problems in principle given the current level of detail (TimStarling, 21:33:52)

@Anomie has a work in progress patch at which defines interfaces and is starting to flesh out additional details of the implementation.

@csteipp has produced a state diagram of the proposed workflow that is now included in the RfC.

bd808 triaged this task as Medium priority.Apr 9 2015, 12:27 AM

Can this be marked resolved, or should we have another round of comments? AuthManager is pretty close to being fully implemented now.

Yeah, let's close this one.

FYI the RfC was never marked approved on the wiki page nor in TechCom-RFC. on the RfC text, see T89459#2289662 .