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Next Phabricator upgrade: 2015-07-01
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Event: E27: Deploy Phabricator Updates Wednesday, July 1st Midnight UTC

Tasks solved upstream but still not deployed on should add this task as blocker.

Previous deployment: T102095: Next Phabricator upgrade: 2015-06-24

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So there are a few features in the redesign-2015 branch that would be nice to have:

  1. Projects can be added to calendar events
  2. "Object policies" allow new types of custom access policies to be implemented. E.g. "Subscribers" to allow subscribers to an object, similar to how we currently handle security tasks, but without creating a custom policy for each task.
  3. I patched the logo, so it will resolve T69

I propose that we upgrade to the redesign branch on July 1.

Yes that looks good haven't really spotted any bugs on phab-03 that would prevent us from upgrading to redesign branch.

We won't specifically upgrade to some redesign branch.
Wasn't the concept that we upgrade to the stable/master upstream branch which might include a redesign at some point?

Sorry, please ignore my last comment - you should know best what's feasible and reliable. :)

I think they are releasing the redesign into stable branch somewhere in july according to there release notes.

@mmodell I have tried to make the Sprint extension current with the redesign-2015 branch with this commit.

It is available for testing on against the latest commit in this branch e576ef4bfe2db6ba03920e1050fb687367f409a5 (Mon Jun 29 06:50:35 2015)

The upstream changes are breaking, so this gerrit revision has to be merged into the production branch of the Sprint extension and upgraded on Wednesday. Note the new tag for tracking this (release/2015-07-01).

Please let me know if everything is on target.

Change 222194 had a related patch set uploaded (by 20after4):
Bump phabricator release tags refs T104047

@Christopher: Everything looks good, updating phab-01 to be sure, then I'll update production in 2 hours.

@Aklapper: the reason for upgrading to the redesign branch is that there are a lot of breaking changes which we need to be ready for, and a lot of goodies which we might benefit from now instead of later.

I'd prefer to track stable in the long run but as we are so heavily depending on phabricator upstream and integrating our own code with upstream changes, it's probably not a good idea to fall behind.

@Aklapper: the reason for upgrading to the redesign branch is that there are a lot of breaking changes which we need to be ready for

Up to your judgement but whatever your judgement is I am fine with it. I would just have naively expected testing on Labs instances in order to get ready... :)

That would essentially double the testing, as we'd have to test upstream stable branch changes and upstream redesign changes separately.

Quoted text has strange issues for me now, e.g. renders as

pasted_file (381×852 px, 76 KB)

to me in the latest Chrome. It works in Firefox though.

The problem seems to be the Lato font it wants to load, removing it from the list of fonts fixed the issue for me (temporarily).

Upstream asks us to update to master at to fix the font issue.