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Mark edits in Special:Recentchanges with (top), as in Special:Contributions
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It would be helpful if entries in Special:Recentchanges which have not been
succeeded by other edits to the corresponding article would be marked with
(top), like in the list of user contributions at Special:Contributions.

This is relevant not only to the standard version of Recent changes, but also to
the Javascript-enhanced version when applying filters. For example, when hiding
edits by logged-in users, it would be helpful to be able to see which anonymous
edits have not been reverted or followed-up by logged-in users.

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robchur wrote:

This would also affect watchlists and recent changes linked. Is that acceptable?

robchur wrote:

Hm, would need to think about this a little better, default,
watchlists only show the "top" edits anyway. We'd ideally want to display
"(top)" for recent changes, recent changes linked, and watchlists when expanded
mode is enabled.

ligulem wrote:

It would be nice if we could have a "hide my edits"/"hide bot edits" in
Special:Recentchangeslinked as well.

And - while I'm at it, as a total luxory - if edits from a specific user on
Special:Watchlist and Special:Recentchangeslinked could be hidden - not just
"me" or "bots" (although this would probably be quite expensive to develop
because it needs some user interface addition). This feature could be helpful
for filtering non-bot serial edits lighting up a watchlist in large parts
(scenario: AWB user crossing a watchlist).

Just some thoughts. Sorry if this is the wrong place to dump my ideas. I'm
greedy as always. Ignore as you see fit :-)

titoxd.wikimedia wrote:

Would this require adding an rc_top field to the schema?

robchur wrote:

(In reply to comment #4)

Would this require adding an rc_top field to the schema?

Shouldn't do; we can compare recentchanges.rc_this_oldid against page.page_latest.

dennis.biel wrote:

I would like to add my support to this enhancement request.
I had actually posted the request over in en.wikipedia, before discovering that it was outside of their control. The area of most interest to me is the "my watchlist" which I use in the expanded mode. It probably should not be implemented in the "my watchlist" when used in standard mode as it would flag every entry. One posibility, but alot more work for the programmers, would be to add a second entry to the my preference screen
Expand watchlist to show all applicable changes (current choice)
Expand watchlist to show all applicable changes with newest edit marked '''(top)'''
I would personally find this of a very great value.
I would personally have no problem with leaving only the one expand selection, but some users might not what the additional flag.
Note: my en.wikipedia user name is Dbiel

Changed component to "RecentChanges"

  • Bug 19257 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

bug 13698 is also a (top) bug...

Special:Recentchanges has a rollback link sice r45918 (from bug 9305), what means that now we know if a change is the latest change or not to mark it as "top", so it should be easy to do :)

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Change 266272 had a related patch set uploaded (by Mhutti1):
Adds current tag to changes in RecentChanges and Watchlist