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Allow to defer 'suspicious' edits for review on any page in a reviewable namespace ("Deferred changes")
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Nov 15 2015, 9:31 PM
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The purpose of this task is to enable within FlaggedRevs a way to defer for review edits identified as suspicious in some way, such as by being tagged. The defer can be either passive, in this case the version viewed by readers is still the latest revision but the page is listed at Special:PendingChanges, or active, in this case readers view the latest revision prior to the user being deferred (the one a rollback would revert to). If the user is the sole editor of the page, then it is listed at Special:UnreviewedPages.
I've being working on an implementation of this concept in commit 218104.
The integration with AbuseFilter is T51770.
Documentation available at Wikipedia:Deferred_changes.

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Change 218104 had a related patch set uploaded (by Cenarium):
[WIP] Implementation of deferred changes

Cenarium, you said to use Special:ProblemChanges. My understanding of the enwiki RfC was that the edits would be listed at Special:PendingChanges. Was saying Special:ProblemChanges a typo?

Originally, I intended passive ones to be listed at Special:ProblemChanges, but it relied on an integration with change tags which I've since made optional, so this is now Special:PendingChanges, for both active and passive defers.
I've corrected the task summary, thanks.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. I just found out about this and the other three Phabricator tasks after someone added a {{tracked}} template to the closed RfC today.

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