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Description has stopped working, probably because it uses 5.5+ syntax.

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Errrr yeah, doc.wm.o is hosted on gallium which is precise, meaning php5.3.

I think T124121: [keyresult] Migrate Jenkins to Jessie (gallium -> cobalt) is the right blocker? I'm not sure if there's an interim solution we can try until then...

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That is annoying ... Indeed is hosted on gallium which is stuck to Precise.

We have T95757 to phase out gallium. Part of it is migrating the CI core system (Zuul scheduler and Jenkins) to a new server (cobalt T124121). E_NOT_ENOUGH_TIME.

For the documentation, I would really want it to be hosted outside of the production cluster on a DMZ / isolated network. A similar need is to generate material on patch proposals and have them exposed outside of Jenkins on some public place under I think we had task filled for it, can't find them though.

It is probably going to be long to get that done on production system. But would certainly be easy if we based it on labs instances.

I myself can not allocate anytime to it. + Release-Engineering-Team

I'm not sure it needs to be drastic...we trust generated docs because they were merged through CR, but not necessarily every single submitted patchset.

Could doc.wm.o be served from a separate ganeti VM or something? Not sure how the whole network stuff would work since we'd still need to be able to rsync from labs.

Should project operations be added.

If that was a question (not sure as no question mark at the end): No.

If that was a question (not sure as no question mark at the end): No.

Hi sorry I didn't reply quicker didn't see there was a reply but yes it was a question.

gallium had developed a fault today so they are creating a new instance running Jessie which will run a newer php. See T137265 please.

Moving is harder due to the Zuul and Jenkins proxies. But is pretty much static. The only conceptual link to gallium for is its Apache server and the Jenkins job that uses rsync to pull content from the labs publisher.

@hashar We could probably set up a new Jessie host for that?

Higher level steps:

  • Allocate a new Jessie host with Apache and PHP installed.
  • Register as Jenkins slave.
  • Update the "pull" jobs in Jenkins (publish-on-gallium) to run there instead, and allow the doc host to access the publisher's rsync port.
  • Route to it.

Maybe this is a good use for Ganeti VMs? (dedicated metal might be overkill for doc.wm.o).

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This is fixed now.