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Special:Linksearch should default to all protocols (protocol-less column for externallinks)
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Special:Linksearch should default to all protocols instead of just http. This quirk is documented in the default MediaWiki:Linksearch-text. As it stands, this allows linkspammers to evade scrutiny by placing https links.

Example query: Special:Linksearch/* should pick up the link to I placed in my personal sandbox, but I have to search Special:Linksearch/https://* to pick up this link.

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Currently you'd have to do separate queries for every possible protocol, and paging the list wouldn't be cleanly possible.

To work cleanly, another index field would have to be added to the externallinks table which doesn't include the protocol.

Extensions is now part of MediaWiki core (1.14alpha) -> changing product and component

In fact, when pagination occurs, even if you place a domain without protocol, pagination links convert the domain to http:// automatically. For example, try following the next page at and see how http:// is added to the domain in the search input field.