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New data type to allow linking to Forms
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As an editor I want to make statements on Lexemes that reference Forms on other Lexemes in order to indicate their relation.

Example usage: on the Lexeme "hard" we'd have a statement "rhymes with: card". "card" would be a Form on the "card" Lexeme.

We assume this to be an almost 100% exact copy of T165580: [Story] New datatype for referencing Senses including the subtasks listed there.

Acceptance criteria:

  • I can create a new property with data type “Form”.
  • I can create a new statement that references a Form on another Lexeme.
  • I can select the Form via an entity selector by entering the ID of the referenced Form.
  • Once saved the value shows the representation of the the referenced Form.

In case there are multiple representation variants, "the representation" should be interpreted as all representation variants separated by the i18n-zable seperator. In English, the separator is going to be a forward slash.

BDD Happy Path:

Given I am on the Lexeme Page
When I make a new statement
And I put an ID of the form in the value field
Then the entered ID is shown in the suggester
And I see the save button enabled
And The value border is now green for approval
And I can save

Given I am on the Lexeme Page
When I save a new statement with data type form
Then A new statement appears
And The representation "text" of the referenced form is displayed
And The representation "text" links to the target form section on the target Lexeme page
And The edit is recorded in the edit history with an edit summary like "Created claim: Rhymes with (P123): Reitern"
And The Property and link to the Form are leading to the property and Form respectively in the edit summary

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Reopening because the new datatype does not exist.

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The "Needs to be broken down into:" part of the description seems to be outdated: the data type is already defined, and the part about form data showing in the search/suggester is out of scope. This story is now exclusively about linking to forms in the statements. Should it maybe be renamed to be more specific?

Also Acceptance Criteria should probably be reviewed and redfined

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Léa and I tried it and it seems to not work yet. We get an error:

Screenshot_20180423_104243.png (417×1 px, 36 KB)