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All messages in CentralNotice are defaulted to English regardless of content language
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Special:NoticeTemplate assumes that the content language is English (also see the comment in;26b909775ec444639ca20959a18626d4443d4eb6$64 ), by:

  • having the “original” column in the translation list hardcoded as English (see MediaWiki:Centralnotice-english), and, more importantly by
  • creating the message key by comparing its language to 'en' (hardcoded!), not to the content language of the wiki, which means that on any wiki with a different content language, the English message text is fetched (or saved to when translating through this special page) from [[MediaWiki:Centralnotice-something-something]], and the text in the content language is fetched from [[MediaWiki:Centralnotice-something-something/lang]], which are both wrong.

See SpecialNoticeTemplate::showView()

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Not a bad idea to remove some of the English centric settings in there. I'll see if there are any pitfalls in pulling that out.

bugs wrote:

This isn't just an issue when you need to use it with other languages, it's also difficult when you want an English specific text... For example: We want to link to for the English pages, but we want to link to {{int:Centralnotice-2009 Notice1-donate-url}} for all the other languages.

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See SpecialNoticeTemplate::showView()

That function got removed in .
Is this still an issue? If so, please feel free to update the task description and re-add the good first task tag.

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