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Implement an accurate and easy to understand status page for all wikis
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In T199816 we deprecated, and replaced it with a static HTML page that points users to a grafana dashboard. This is a reasonable intermediate step, but is not a particularly user-friendly way to indicate when a particular wiki, group of wikis, or partial functionality is unavailable.

We should implement a status page that gives users information about when some/all functionality is impacted; and displays that information in a user-friendly and easy to understand way. Ease of use and accuracy are very important and should be taken into account by any implementation. (These were the biggest issues with the prior Watchmouse implementation, and resulted in that implementation being removed.)

For reference, the previous site looked like this: link and screenshot: F31755516

Event Timeline

I think a good example we could build off of would be as it has the basics and explains why an issue happens. We could easily expand something like this to fit the needs of Wikimedia. Discord uses an external provider, however the look of the page itself is quite easy to understand.

I just stumbled upon (github had an outage) and I quite liked the timeline of "green, yellow, red" (green = the whole day was okay, yellow = degredation below on hour, red = degredation above one hour) per day in the past ninety days.

Technically in progress between @CDanis and me.

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