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Enable wgRelevantUserName for IP ranges
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wgRelevantUserName was added to MW in 1.23, but it doesn't exist when viewing an IP range on (at least) Special:Block and Special:Contributions (compare and Some awkward workarounds are possible but inconsistent (using #mw-bi-target or input[name=wpTarget] on Special:Block, input[name=target].mw-input on Special:Contributions); it'd be nice to have a unified and reliable way to get it, regardless of user type.

Of note: it seems to always exist on Special:DeletedContributions, and does so on Special:Log iff the range is given with the user= parameter (e.g.,

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It turns out to be intentional - see highlighted lines of SpecialContributions.php. However, I cannot figure out why the comments say a 'logs' link (of an IP range) may be irrelevant and am looking forward to a reply from those who know it.

@WhitePhosphorus I don't believe logs work on IP ranges

@Amorymeltzer Oh yeah I got it. IMHO it would be more appropriate to enable it while do some additional check in skin stuff like SkinTemplate.php.

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@Anomie I actually meant to update this to something like your comment in T239527#5709615 after playing around with things more recently; there's enough of a difference in how we'd want to treat what could be called a "user" (account, single IP) and what could have edits displayed (that + range) that I think that's the right course.

Commenting as an admin + Twinkle user (pretty sure @Amorymeltzer has TW in mind here) that this functionality would be very useful - I routinely use Twinkle and I make rangeblocks fairly often, but when making rangeblocks my workflow is disrupted since Twinkle can't block from Special:Contribs/(IP)/(mask) so I have to use the normal block interface.

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Change 642610 had a related patch set uploaded (by Ammarpad; owner: Ammarpad):
[mediawiki/core@master] Define Skin RelevantUser for IP ranges

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I think this would benefit from some input from platform engineering.