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Add IP range support to [[Special:Log]]
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Further to T145912, it'd be nice to be able to query for IP ranges at Special:Log, specifically for blocks. Primary use case:

As an administrator, I want to search the block log for all log events targeting IPs in a given IP range, i.e. should find both , and any blocks of subranges.

Such information would help in determining whether rangeblocks are necessary.

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I've created T187579 to investigate what I think may work for this, but note the idea is to add IP range support for every logged action and not just blocks. I'm going to hijack this ticket, hope that is OK :)

MusikAnimal renamed this task from Add IP range support to [[Special:Log/block]] to Add IP range support to [[Special:Log]].Feb 16 2018, 8:05 PM
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Just wondered where this is currently sitting. I truly (for the 1000+th time) could do with the ability to search both Special:Log/spamblacklist, Special:DeletedContributions and Special:Abuselog by IP range. Where we have spambot activity, it is next to impossible to identify where the spambots are happening by any reasonable functionality than browser search.

To my knowledge, there is no WMF team working on this at the moment.

I'd also like to recurse "up" from a given IP or range (larger enclosing ranges of the given one rather than subranges). So if I look at (specifically [[:en:User:2601:586:400:833A:FD78:71BE:47B5:5110]], I would also see that [[:en:User:2601:586:400:833a::/64]] is rangeblocked. And this would still be visible once the blocks have expired, unlike [[Special:BlockList]] that only displays active ones.

oh, that's a funny coincidence; I didn't see T270737. I disagree about it being a duplicate of T146628, though. It's not a duplicate, it's an interim solution before proper range search support is added.

This is likely to become more apparent once T206954 is fully implemented.