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Design: Adjust filtering UI to allow Category filtering without Participants
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The Release II ticket T205734 adds the capability to do Category filtering without Participants. To make that capability available for users, we need to adjust the filtering UI. A couple of points:

  • The filtering UI is not moving to the Settings page; it will remain on the Event Summary page. This is a request from Engineering.

Design challenge/filtering logic

The statements below summarize functionality associated with independent categories as succinctly as I'm able to. Making the new requirements and functionality clear to users—without significantly changing the filtering UI—is the goal of this design ticket.

Some of the statements below will need to be made clear up front and announced clearly on the page via instruction text. Others may be more appropriately conveyed, or perhaps reinforced, through design choices and/or error messages (e.g., if the user included Wikidata as a wiki of interest but didn't provide Participants; or if the user includes an wiki that is not covered by filtering).

Main requirements

  • Users must select Participant or Category filtering; these two can also be combined.
  • Participant filtering applies to all wikis and therefor covers the minimum requirement for all.
  • If users employ Categories without Participants, they must supply categories for every wiki for which they want results.
    • However, they will get no metrics for Wikidata (where Category filtering doesn't work).

Finer points

  • Categories filter articles on Wikipedia and files on Commons (see language already provided for this in T209107)

Event Timeline

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jmatazzoni renamed this task from Adjust design of filtering setup allow Category filtering without Participants to Design: Adjust filtering UI to allow Category filtering without Participants.Feb 15 2019, 11:37 PM

We've streamlined the release process and will not be doing the "Interim" design defined in T209107. Here are some changes from that ticket that seem worth preserving for this effort:

Changes to instruction text of Participants filter

Small changes will help people better understand how this works. Please change as follows (see image for design):

  • Add wiki usernames below, one per line, to limit metrics to specific participants. You can copy/paste directly from an on-wiki list. [?]

Changes to instruction text & wiki field of Categories filter

Instruction text:
Please use the following instruction text (see image for design):

  • Enter categories (with wiki names) to limit metrics to pages in those categories. [?] On Commons only, use this tool to filter files (images, videos, etc.), instead of pages.
    • [The help link will link to the help page section specified in T209121]

Wiki field

  • In cases where more than one wiki is defined for the event, please change the example text in the wiki field to say just "Wiki" (instead of en.wikipedia, as currently)
  • [In cases where only one wiki is defined, keep the current functionality, which populates the field—for real, not just as an example—with that wiki name.]

Talk page filtering is also off the list now. The following used to be in the Description above; I've removed it.

  • You can filter using talk page categories. Here is instruction text to that effect:
    • You can include categories applied to talk pages; the system will behave as though the categories were applied to the associated main pages. Only main-page changes will be counted