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Reenable l10update in production
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LocalisationUpdate was “temporarily” disabled in production half a year ago (Id079776511), presumably as part of Translations on hold until further notice. This was apparently due to a security incident which has since been resolved (Blog Post: security incident); does that mean we can re-enable the periodic localisation update again?

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Side note: LocalisationUpdate SAL entries have apparently been sparse since long before then, with the last successful update logged back in 2015. Did something (else) break there?

There has been runs since 2015:

Reedy manually ran it on 2017-01-23, i suspect the logging format may have changed.

Note also T158360 which proposes that LocalisationUpdate should be undeployed.

I think the short answer to your question is "no", but it's not my call, sorry.

chasemp triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 9 2019, 4:15 PM
thcipriani subscribed.

Re-enabling this will mean having l10n go through the regular backport process happy to work with language folks on this.