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track Bridge openings by property datatype
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We want to track for which datatypes the Bridge is opened. Based on this we want to figure out which datatypes to support next.

List of all available datatypes:

Acceptance criteria:

  • When a Bridge-enabled edit link is clicked then we count it bucketed by datatype of the property we are editing. Clicks for datatypes that are not supported yet are counted in the same way.
  • we have a visualization of this over time (dashboard) - @Addshore / @awight may be able to teach us

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Sounds like the right way for this would be JS -> graphite via statsv and statsd and then just displaying the data in grafana. included the needed infomation using mw.track in JS.

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@Lydia_Pintscher and perhaps @Charlie_WMDE, as the people who'll potentially look the most at these Grafana boards, a question:
Would you like to see a separate board for each data type or all (17 I think?) data types in one board?

All on one graph like on is fine. When clicking on an entry in the legend grafana hides all the others.