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Error States of Data-Bridge [Tracking]
Open, Needs TriagePublic


This ticket collects and groups possible error states of the bridge app, in order to group and not forget them. We do not have to handle them all individually.

Please add more error states here and feel free to group them as groups emerge.


  • entity loading failed
    • server does not respond (no internet)
    • server responds with bad data (e.g. some html)
    • server responds with server error (e.g. 500)
    • server responds with bad request or similar (e.g. 400 if hrefRegExp is badly done and Q0 requested)
    • entity does not exist at server
    • entity does not exist at server, but is a redirect
  • property label loading failed (possible options mentioned during T227759 were: trying to load it again, showing the property id with a little message, showing the generic error handler)
  • data type not supported (yet) - as tracked by T231204: track Bridge openings by property datatype
  • saving failed
  • purging the parser cache, after saving was a success, has failed. --> The user might see outdated data when reloading


  • page is protected at client
  • page is protected at repo