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Undeploy Extension:Listings from Wikimedia Production
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The Listings extension is used on Wikimedia on Wikivoyages only.

According to its own description at the extension's functionality can be achieved using standard templates. Some Wikivoyages such as de.wikivoyage (T206102) and it.wikivoyage (T253096) have removed or are in the process or removing the extension. On other Wikivoyages such as es.wikivoyage, looking for insource:/\<(buy|do|drink|eat|listing|see|sleep)/ (same search @MaxSem performed back in the days (T206102#4825809) returned zero results.

The extension maintenance over the past 5 years are mostly build updates.

If this extension is deprecated and unused in our Wikivoyages we should have it undeployed from Production. Do we have a standard plan for this kind of operations?

Adding @RolandUnger as listed extension author on

Thank you.

Adenda: Results of insource:/\<(buy|do|drink|eat|listing|see|sleep)/ across the 21 Wikivoyage editions for NS_MAIN as of 2020-05-20 18:15 (UTC).

  • bn: 0 uses
  • el: 0 uses
  • de: 0 uses
  • en: 0 uses
  • es: 0 uses
  • fa: 0 uses
  • fi: 1 use
  • fr: 1 use
  • he: 0 uses
  • hi: 0 uses
  • it: 0 uses
  • nl: 108 uses
  • pl: 56 uses
  • ps: 0 uses
  • pt: 1 use
  • ro: 7 uses
  • ru: 1 use
  • sv: 47 uses
  • uk: 11 uses
  • vi: 1 use
  • zh: 1 use

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IMHO it could worth to clean all the other NSs, not only the main one.