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Infoboxes in div not shown in Android app
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A user on dewiki has reported this bug; I only have the iOS app and cannot reproduce the issue there, thus I assume it is an Android-only problem. Apparently, some infoboxes on dewiki are not only collapsed, but completely invisible in the app. While the infobox here is collapsed, the one here vanishes completely. The difference between the two is that the former is a table, the latter a table within a div (which is necessary as workaround for T18700). What happened?

UPDATE: Now I experience the same bug in the iOS app as well! And I discovered a trigger of this bug on enwiki: whenever infoboxes are used within the Stack begin / Stack end templates, they will not be visible in the apps anymore. See for example this article.

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I'll take a look to see if this is happening on Android

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Thanks for filing this task @XanonymusX !

I replicated the bug here

Ring Ring Lied is showing the collapsed infobox

, whereas
Ring Ring is missing the infobox as XanonymusX mentioned.

I'm going to pull this onto the board for further investigation by our excellent developers.

@Dbrant , please feel free to move it if we should reconsider its priority.

This doesn't seem to be happening on EN or FR

A question that does come to mind is how many articles are likely impacted by this workaround and the LOE to fix it for our users.

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Have updated it, now both Android and iOS app are affected!