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Review the icon for the Mentor dashboard
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  • on desktop
    • Some wikis currently experience both Growth team tools and Desktop Improvements.
    • Desktop Improvements user-personal menu has been redesigned; only the username, the two notifications icons and a dropdown are visible.
    • A link to the Mentor dashboard has been added to #p-personal, and an icon has been selected for Desktop Improvements' dropdown
  • on mobile
    • The same applies with Mobile and AMC.


  • Check on the existing icon, and provide a different one if needed.

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Moving to Needs Discussion to determine what changes are needed (if any)

@RHo FYI. Please advise on what you need to proceed.

@OTichonova -- although Max tagged Rita (thank you Max for helping route our tasks!), I just want to make clear that I think you can own this one!