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math markup in section heading
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*When a formula using <math>...</math> is used in a section heading, the heading looks fine, as does the edit summary, but the entry in the table of contents may look seriously weird.

*Example: this edit:
*The wikitext of the section heading is: == <math>|3^x - 2^y| = 1</math> ==
*In the edit summary this is rendered as: ‎|3^x - 2^y| = 1
**But the table of contents shows: '"UNIQ--postMath-00000043-QINU"'

What happens?:

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Thanks to Wikipedia user Stwalkerster for pointing me here. I encountered this bug today, on Absolute magnitude. I applied a work-around, typing the section title manually (see this diff). This was possible because the name included no special characters in this instance, but I would prefer to have a solution that also works with more difficult cases (compare this example on my Wikipedia sandbox).