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[Analysis] Learn how people are understanding and using the new "Contribute" menu
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In T321746, we implemented the instrumentation required to measure who is using the new "Contribute" menu T286466 implements.

This task involves the work with analyzing who has been using the new "Contribute" menu, and how they've been using it, at the initial set of wikis where it's been made available on mobile (T319362) and desktop (T327868).

Decision(s) to be made

We're answering the "Research questions" documented below in an effort to decide the following...

  • 1. What – if any – further investigations and/or work needs to be done before we feel confident that offering the new "Contribute" menu at all Wikipedia (T327874) will not cause disruption/confusion/etc.?

Research questions

IDQuestionEvaluation metric(s)
1.When people open the "Contribute" menu, do they find what they expect?
2.When people tap on something within the "Contribute" menu, does it do what they expected?
3.Who is accessing/using the new "Contribute" menu?
4.Are people using this menu to publish edits that wikis value?
5.[optional] How does the rate at which people complete edits through the "Contribute" menu compare to the rates of other entry points? [i]
NOTE: Draft evaluation metrics documented here: Edit Discovery (Minutes) > Proposal: Contribute Menu Deployment.

Open questions

  • 1. What "Evaluation metric(s)" will we use to answer each of the questions listed in === Research questions above?



  • Answers to all "Open questions" are documented
  • All "Evaluation metric(s)" are documented in the === Research questions section above
  • Each of the research questions is answered and documented in the === Findings/Report section above
  • Answer(s) to the Decision(s) to be made are documented above

i. We will answer question 5. to the extent that instrumentation that has already be implemented enables us to. Said another way: we will not invest any effort into instrumenting other editing entry points in order to answer this question.


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