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Community configuration 2.0: Developer Documentation
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User story & summary:

As a Wikimedia Developer or WMF Engineer, I want to understand how I should set up my project so that it will be compatible with Community Configuration 2.0.

Background & research:

This task is important because Community Configuration 2.0 will only be successful if it is widely adopted, and other teams and engineers will only utilize Community Configuration if it is understandable and relatively straightforward to utilize.

Acceptance Criteria:

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One pattern to document is the usage of conventional text keys for i18n, eg: community-configuration-provider-ProviderName

I started working on this, main entry point is I plan to cover the main CC2.0 sections:

  • Providers
    • Storage
    • Validation
      • JSON schemas
  • Accessing configuration
  • Built-in editor
    • Conventional controls for type primitives
      • Customizing a form
  • Creating your own form

@Urbanecm @Cyndymediawiksim feedback is welcome: missing sections, better section title phrasing, etc.

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