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Triage accessibility for donor-facing Fundraising components
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We should be looking at colorblindness and blindness usability issues, in CentralNotice and DonationInterface.

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Given that the donor has filled out the billing information form on payments,
And given that some piece of information was lacking or invalid,
When a credit card button is pressed,
Then we should give screen reader feedback that the form needs corrections.

Currently, Voiceover will say "radio button, checked" and the red text will appear silently. We should perhaps move focus to the first failed field. Also, we should provide data to read out the credit card type when pressing the radio buttons.

Restricted Application added a subscriber: TerraCodes. · View Herald TranscriptFeb 28 2017, 6:40 PM

Using Voiceover, Ingenico credit card form calls both month and year "Expiration Date:", with no distinction between the two.

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@awight: good first bug tasks are self-contained, non-controversial issues with a clear approach and should be well-described with pointers to help the new contributor. Given the current short task description I'm removing the good first bug tag. Please re-add the tag once the task description has been polished and provides sufficient information for a new contributor. Thanks!

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