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Move Hovercards to OOjs and OOjs UI
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As noted by @Ricordisamoa on Wikitech-l:

My implementation uses PopupWidget for the tooltips, which are automatically adjusted according to the anchor's position, while a subclass of ProcessDialog handles the user configuration.
Unfortunately, it doesn't comply with the design specs, but on the other hand its operation is very similar to the English Wikipedia gadget (now found on many language editions from where I've imported translations) and is customizable to a fair extent.

Using the PopupWidget will reduce a lot of rendering code. The current structure should also move to using OOjs.

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@Prtksxna: How is this a tracking task without any dependencies? Did you mean "Epic" instead?

How is this a tracking task without any dependencies?

@Aklapper I'll add dependencies as I start to break down the task. I am sure I won't be closing it in one go.

Did you mean "Epic" instead?

I am unsure of when "Epic" is used. Feel free to change it if you think its more appropriate.

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Stalling it until the experiment on Greek, Chinese and Catalan Wikipedias.

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Given the simplicity of the extension there is no need to load the entire OOjs UI and it would be irresponsible to do so (note Popups JS loads on page load and we would only use a small fraction of the functionality provided by OOjs UI at this current time.