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wgRevisionId is 0 for Flow pages
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This applies even for ones like that were created without wgFlowOccupyPages, and use the flow-board content mode. There is in fact a revision in core representing the Flow board, so it should definitely not be 0.

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In T92296#1199035, @Mattflaschen wrote:

Likely a duplicate of T95581: Flow board creations do not create entry in core's page and revision tables / T95595: A10. Run page creation script (for missing page and revision entries) in production, but we need to verify after the fix has propagated to production and the script has been run.

Has this been done?

Yes. However, I was evidently wrong about the cause. Even very new boards like still have the same problem.

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I'm not sure I understand this bug. What's happening?

So is this an issue with MobileFrontend or Flow?

Flow (though it impacts MF)

You can remove the MF/Reading projects.