Inconsistent parameter names for action=mobileview when you compare with action=parse
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The core ApiParse supports disablepp, disableeditsection and disabletoc, but MobileFrontend adds noimages.
We should deprecate the noimages parameter – since we're extending a core API – in favour of the new and improved disableimages parameter.

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ApiParse does not have a "noimages" parameter.

MobileFrontend does add such a parameter, though.

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@Anomie sorry for having overlooked that!

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Deprecate the noimages parameter – since we're extending a core API – in favour of the new and improved disableimages parameter.

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Mobile-Apps folks (@BGerstle-WMF, @bearND) : do you use the noimages parameter in any of your requests?

@phuedx Yes, the Android app uses that parameter if the user has selected to not show images.

OK. Then part of this task should be ensuring that Mobile-Apps is notified that the noimages parameter has been deprecated.

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I found this ticket while doing a bit of grooming on the neglected Mobile-Apps board a week or so ago, and I have to admit I'm a bit confused. The noimagesparameter isn't marked as deprecated in MobileFrontend, and there is no disableimages parameter (though there is apparently a cookie of that name). We've been happily using noimages for the year+ since this ticket was filed.

Is it still valid? Should we stop using noimages?

OK, I think I finally understand what's going on. This was originally a task about naming consistency, but then took a 90-degree turn and became about not using the noimages param. disableImages is a cookie and always has been, and we should use it instead of noimages (presumably to avoid splitting the cache).

For anyone with expertise and opinions on such matters, a friendly debate inspired by this task over how to handle image disabling in the Android app is happening over at

@Mholloway: This task isn't that noimages is deprecated, it's that someone thinks that it should be deprecated and disableimages created to be used instead for consistency with the core ApiParse parameters.

If a "disableImages" cookie changes how the page is parsed, it needs to split the cache (and then I'd say a cookie isn't the right way to do it). Otherwise visitor A comes along with the cookie set, the lacking-images response is cached, then visitor B comes along without the cookie but gets the cached output that lacks images anyway. Or vice versa.

@Anomie Oh, I was under the impression from T120151 that we (now) knew how to vary the cache based on disableImages.

(I'm sure my understanding of cache variation is incomplete at best, but I think this means multiple copies of a given page that vary on specific criteria are cached to be served from the same URL.)

Yes, it appears from T120151 that the cache is varied on that cookie; I was mainly responding to your "presumably to avoid splitting the cache" comment there, which is the exact opposite of what T120151 was about.

OK, I think I understand.

In any case, there doesn't appear to be anything else for us to do here other than note that deprecating noimages is under discussion; noted. (For the record, the iOS app doesn't use it.)

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