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mobile phone wikitext editor should have edit toolbar
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currently pressing edit on android-4.x, chrome, drops you into a text window without any editing support. basic fucntionality would be great, one of them adding a link.

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As an editing tool, the mobile web wikitext editor is the responsibility of the VisualEditor team (even though it's not actually a visual editor). However, the MobileFrontend project is really the Reading team's domain, so we should create a project like "MobileFrontend-editor". @Jdforrester-WMF, thoughts?

This applies to T106266 as well.

Let's not create #MobileFrontend-editor given the plan is to scrap the mobile-silo'ed code.

what will replace the mobile-silo'd code?

Non-mobile-silo'd code that supports mobile devices.

where is this code, i.e. where this "add link" button should then go?

I'm confused. We have an editor in mobile. Could you provide more links to replicate?

@Jdlrobson: I believe what Rupert is asking for is essentially a toolbar with a link "button", akin to what is available (at least on enwiki) on desktop.

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Actually not a duplicate, since the patch at T91752 is about basic formatting features but not including any functionality for links. Sorry for the noise.

@Jdforrester-WMF feel free to tweak priority.

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