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Add option to semi/fully-protect Flow board descriptions
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Sep 27 2015, 8:11 PM
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Please add a way to semi/fully-protect the board description.

Because, some board descriptions get improperly used as a sandbox, or for spam, a lot.
E.g. (ctrl-F for "description")

(Suggested at )

For context, it is currently possible to protect the full board, but not just the description.

We can do this by reusing the existing MODERATED_LOCKED state, adding a new right (flow-lock-header) (flow-lock is given out to all users), and adding the UI. This would provide for full-protection.

See also: T57851: Create a separate history page for the flow board description area

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New request from fr.wp. Is it possible to improve description protection?

After activating Flow at id.wikipedia (T133254), the fifth revision by new users on that flow board is already vandalism on description. Reverting the edit is not straightforward too as the history page is cluttered with other revisions (e.g. replies on the posts). Hence, I'd like to see this task having some priority. Thanks :)

@Catrope, how soon could this be fixed? Semi-protection would be helpful for the descriptions on a few boards at (I don't want full protection – just something that signals to IPs and newbies that they're probably in the wrong place.)

I don't want full protection

Note that currently there's no full protection option neither, but both options should exist, just choose whatever you want.

Hello, any progress (or expected progress) here?