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Allow mobile web edits to be marked as minor
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When editing on the mobile website, there should be a checkbox to mark the edit as minor just like on the desktop version.

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I think that requires separate tasks

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The mobile visual editor has a checkbox for minor edits. The mobile wikitext editor does not. @ppelberg, should the VisualEditor tag be removed from this task, and the description updated to specify that the problem is in the wikitext editor?

Note that it is possible to mark edits as minor using Mediawiki API sandbox, visual editor, and other custom editors (such as WIKI+). The problem is only with the mobile wikitext editor.

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Hi all! Thanks for creating this task. I've been editing a lot on mobile recently, and the ability to mark an edit as minor is one of the top things I've been missing.

Pelagic added a comment.EditedNov 7 2019, 7:37 PM

Agree with Sdkb. This and also the ability to edit or at least see the /* section */ part of the edit summary. See T234982: Varying approaches to section names in edit summaries (mobile vs desktop and visual vs wikitext). Mentioning it because it could be part of the same redesign (add checkbox for minor, add textbox for section).