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[Task] Mention that a page is ArticlePlaceholder generated
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Either by showing a little dialog, like it is done post edit, or by showing a message like on edit preview.

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@hoo How's the progress on this one going? Should we have a short chat about it soon?

Possible message:

This is not a Wikipedia article, but an ArticlePlaceholder generated from the wikidata item [[Qxxxx]]. You can see the list of contributors [here].

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Me and @Jan_Dittrich need to come up with a good wording.

I made a quick exploration during the Wikimedia-Developer-Summit (2017) in this area.

The goal was to communicate the following:

  • The content displayed is not a regular article. Preferably not as an error or in a negative way since the content provided is useful.
  • Users can still create an article on the topic, and they are welcome to do so.

I explored some alternatives based on the following ideas: using the background color to distinguish data from other content, explain briefly the key ideas defined above and provide a clear call to action without distracting from the content.

The alternatives represent variations on the prominence for the message:

A) Showing a message on top of the card area

B) Showing a panel from the bottom of the viewport

C) Integrating the information as another card

D) Keeping cards in the right column (where people are used to see infoboxes) to make it more obvious that the article is missing (sidebar can be kept while editing to facilitate the creation of the article)

I think stuffing all of the content into the right/a single column/some such as in D "distracts from the content", though the subtle hint the blank space leaves is cute.

Bottom of the viewport seems like it's not going to have a high impact factor (page-reading studies).

Integrating on the right seems like it could get lost or forgotten (or misses the "oh, I can change things" call to action).

Top feels good, but is also a little distract-y.

What kind of user is this message+button (or message, or button) targeting?

Lydia, Lucie and I like option b) most. We would like for it to be dismissible (for a single page view only), but we're not sure what would happen to the create a page button… would it move to the bottom of the page body like we have it now?

My 2cnt:
a) Integrates very well. People are used to notifications/boxes at this place
b) Similar to a, but may be a bit distracting, since it is an unusual position (do we have it anywhere else?).
c) Semantically problematic; some boxes are data, one is a dialog
d) I like it; semantically it is the best imho,though with the current design we get some space concerns.

What kind of user is this message+button (or message, or button) targeting?

I think there are two main scenarios by different users we want to consider for this:

  • A reader that just wants to get a piece of information (e.g., the population of Mumbai) and it is able to find it.
  • A casual editor that wants to expand the "article" and we want to make it clear that it is possible, and how to do it.

These different solutions have different pros and cons. I'd recommend putting them in front of some users and check if they are able to (a) find the information without much distraction, (b) understand that the article can still be created and (c) identify how to create it. From our perspective these questions may be clear, but some users may have not even heard about Wikidata before.

What kind of user is this message+button (or message, or button) targeting?

I'd recommend putting them in front of some users

In case it helps, the original Sketch file is

and I made SVG exports out of it for those using other editors:

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